My Values

To create beginner-friendly, high quality embroidery patterns and products that we love.

How? I always make sure to self-test all instructions multiple times, as well as bringing in people who are beginners with embroidery to test all patterns. I also make sure to source the best quality materials I can find.


To give everyone the confidence and tools to be creative.

How? I’m creating free resources through our products, blog posts, email newsletter and Instagram, to give you everything you need to start living more creatively.


To show honesty within everything I write, create and do within The Artist’s Lab.

How? I do this by sharing my values here, being open about my own personal creative journey, and by showing up as a human being.


To always be working towards a positive environmental impact.

How? By using more recyclable and environmentally-friendly materials, packaging and suppliers wherever I can. This is still a work in progress but I am doing the work towards this! Please visit this page for more information on how I’ve been doing this.


To create a safe and friendly space that’s full of kindness.

How? By encouraging people to support and cheer each other on. There’s no place for hate and bullying of any kind in my spaces!