About The Artist's Lab:

The Artist’s Lab is a small business based in Yorkshire and owned by me, Lauren Reed (the embroidery artist behind the business).

I’m on a mission to spread the benefits of being creative and slowing down.

You can delve deeper into my thread filled world below and learn about how I got into embroidery and why it’s so important to me.

My embroidery story:

I started embroidery as a beginner in 2018.

I had no idea what I was doing, and even though I used the wrong supplies I quickly learned just how beautiful embroidery is.

I started The Artist’s Lab making embroidered pet portraits towards the end of 2018.

Embroidery helped me so much and I knew it could help others. So at the start of 2019 (armed with a needle and thread), I began designing my first pattern.

I wanted to share with the world about how much embroidery has helped me to slow down my thoughts and feel less anxious, but to also show that you can give it a go too.

You can do it even as a beginner – with practice, good instructions and the right supplies you can very quickly make something amazing 🙂


Meet the artist:

Hey, I’m Lauren 👋

The embroidery artist from Yorkshire and founder of The Artist’s Lab. I design, make and package all of your orders, whether that’s the embroidery kits or the pet portraits, I do it all!

When I’m not embroidering, you’ll find me enjoying some slow creative time, cuddling my cat, and sipping a cup of tea.

I truly believe that everybody has the ability to create something amazing with a little patience, and I want more people to believe that too. Sometimes we just need that little extra time and guidance to help nurture it.

Embroidery is a place to escape into, it’s so therapeutic and I lose track of time. It calms me when my mind is racing and makes me forget about what’s going on in my world for a little while.

That’s just a magical thing to experience.

The Artist's Lab Values:


Anyone can be creative and I want to spread that throughout the world.


While it’s important to look after yourself, it’s also important to look after our planet too!


Looking after our mind improves our quality of life which is so important.


I want to it to as easy as possible to get started with embroidery and being creative.


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Embroidery kits

Two embroidery hoops that each have 3 flower heads embroidered onto white fabric. Embroidery thread that's wrapped on bobbins are scattered around the embroidery hoops.

Embroidery kits are a lovely gift for beginners who want to spend more ‘me time’ crafting. All the supplies and instructions you need sent straight through your letterbox.

PDF patterns

An embroidered yellow sunflower on white fabric and stretched inside an embroidery hoop.

Already have your own supplies? Download a PDF embroidery pattern and get started straight away.

Pet portraits

Embroidered pet portrait of a dog named Oslo inside an embroidery hoop. He's a ginger cocker spaniel.

Commission a pet portrait as a thoughtful gift for pet owners who love their furbaby with all their heart (because they’re obviously our world).

Learn embroidery, craft tutorials, the pet portrait process, and more on my small businesses blog…

Follow me for embroidery tips and tutorials, pet portraits, and a behind the scenes look at what I’m doing in my small business.