The Artist's Lab is about being creative and slowing down

You’ll find out all about my love for embroidery and your gorgeous furbabies when you delve deeper into my thread filled world!

So, what is embroidery?

In short, embroidery is the use of a needle and thread to create pieces of art on fabric.

But it’s more than just a needle and thread.

The repetitive action of coming up and down through the fabric helps you to switch off from the busy lifestyle, slows you down and you become full absorbed in creating!

It’s not only something fun to do in your free time, it helps calm an anxious mind, lets you express yourself, distracts you from your busy life. You can escape into the embroidery world and feel calmer, happier, and get lost in the creation.

And that’s just a magical feeling to experience!


So, who am I?

Hi there! I’m Lauren, and I design, make and package all your orders!

I’m a lover of all things embroidery, art, tea and biscuits. And when I’m not at my desk working on my business, I’m dancing and singing to music!

I truly believe that everybody has the ability to create something amazing with a little patience, and I want more people to believe that too. Sometimes we just need that little extra time and guidance to help nurture it 🙂

Why I love embroidery:

  • It’s incredibly portable – pop it in your bag and do some on your commute, in a cafe, in the park, you can take it anywhere!
  • Even if you know just one stitch, you can do magic with it!
  • It’s therapeutic – it forces you to slow down, think more slowly, and just stop with the rushing about!

How it all started:

From the first time I picked up a needle at 8yrs in school, to the moment I took a Textile Art course at Sixth form, I’ve always dabbled in a little embroidery growing up.

But it wasn’t actually the thing I loved doing in my free time growing up… that goes to drawing and painting!

I never truly got into it until after a bad bout of mental health problems after I finished university. And this is when fell in love with it!

And although it wasn’t my first love, it has become my go to creative passion.

Please do have a browse & feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

Lauren x

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